sex education curriculum

warning:this presentation contains materialthat may be ofensive it is not recomended for young peopleor children to view "you're teaching my child what?" sex education:a psychologist calls foul

sex education curriculum, miriam grossman md26 june 2012 hi, i'm bob mccoskrieof national director family first new zealand. doctor miriam grossmanis a you is

psychiatrist specializingin at least and in child psychiatry. she recently came tonew zealand to speak at the annual new zealand forum on thefamily and during that time she spoke to agroup of auckland principles and boards of trusteesand teachers about the sex educationcurriculum and who consumes about it. thank you for taking the time to watchwho presentation. now his doctor miriam grossman.

thank you, bob. when i graduatedfrom medical school i took in oath. i stood up i raised my right hand and i swore to prevent disease whenever i could. at that moment i believe that the battlesthat way ahead of me

would be against cancer,heart disease and emotional disorders but after two decades and thousands hours withyoung patient in distress i've discovered that mymost challenging fight is not against dangerousdiseases but against dangerous ideas. i'm referring to ideasthat are central to what i'm going to callthe sex ed-industry.

this industry beganin the united states and like many ill-conceivednotion from america it's been quite successfullyexported to the rest of the world. at the helmof the sex ed-industry here or organizationslike family-planning and rainbow youth for my review of the websites and other material that these groups havecreated for new zealand youth i see that the approach that i'mso familiar with from the state

has been duplicatedin your country. now as a physiciani have one objective to keep peopleout of the offices of doctors and therapist. i'm going to demonstrate you today how this sex ed-industry make my job more difficult and i know that that's a strongstatement to make but the priority grouplike family planning

is not sexual health. it is sexual freedom. the goal of these governmentfunded organisations is for student to be open to just about any sexual activity children are told its sexuality extend from cradle to grave. early sexual activity

with multiple partnersis assumed and high-risk behaviors are normalized and a attitude of openness an adventure is celebrated. now these, of course, are the very behaviors that fuel theepidemics of genital infections,unwanted pregnancies, abortion and emotional distress whether or not a condom is used.

young people who practicethe lifestyle endorsed by these groupshave more doctors appointment not less. and that is so fora simple reason: when sexual freedom is the priority when young people are given the okay to become sexually activeinto explore and experiment with multiple partnersthey do just that back and their sexual health suffers.

you don't need a phdin public health to understand thisall you need is common sense. now these problems arenot abstractions to me. i'm reporting to you from the front line over the past 25 years i seen steady stream of people come through my office who were suffering from the sexualdecisions that they had made. their suffering was100 percent

avoidable. to make matters worse therewasn't much i could do for them because it was after the fact. now i'm not speaking aboutan occasional patient i'm not even speakingabout a few dozen patients i'm saying that i havelost count have the number patientthat i've seen most of them girls and young women whohave been diagnosed with a sexually transmittedinfection or were terrified

that they could have hiv or they were simplyconfused and upset after hooking upwith a guy few times developing feelings for that guy and then realizing thatemotional attachment with the last thing that he wanted. and often when i explainto these student the science that you'reabout to hear tonight she say...that makes so much sense

why didn't i know that widening anybody tell me that well these good questionand i began to wonder. if i read years ago in my medical journal about for example white girls are so vulnerable to at stis or about the biochemistry ofattachment which is how we arewired to emotionally connect with someone that were intimatewith.

i hadn't this sciencereached my patient i mean they knew all about diet,heart disease osteoporosis, breast cancer. they knew about a wholerange of health issues so why this ignorant about theconsequences at intimate behavior. these questions and othersled me to write the book "unprotected. each chapter describesa patient of mine

and how they were harmedby the sexual ideologies and omission of biologicaltruths in sex education. the students that i wroteabout in this book made a lasting impressionon me they turned me into in activist and it's because of themthat i'm here today. after "unprotected"i went deeper into what hadin sex education

especially the web sites and booksrecommended to adolescence as a physician and a parent i couldn't believewhat i had seen and that's why my second book with called"you're teaching my child what?" so for the past seven yearsapproximately i've been study in sexeducation how it began and what it is now. i was astonished to realize that sexeducation

is not primarily concerned withpreventing disease. rather it a social movement it`s goal is to change society that was the casefifty years ago when it beganand it still the case now. by all social movementssex education is not based on how the world is it's based on how the worldshould be it's based on a dream.

a vision of the perfect world, in this world there areno substantial differences between male and female. if such differences exist they are not inbornthey are not eternal they are due to forcesin society against which we'reobligated struggle. in this ideal world no particular lifestyle

is healthier than another. chlamydia, herpes, hiv these infect people in a random manner they are equalopportunity disease in this world an abortionis like a tonsillectomy. this vision appeals to manypeople because after all why should girlspay a higher price for promiscuity than guys? that's sexist.

it's not fair. why should certain sexualencounters be more dangerous than others. that's homophobicthat's also not fair this is a made-up world,it doesn't exist in the real world the differencesbetween male and female are vast and permanent. one of these differencesis that girls have unique biologicalsensitivities

and early sexual behavior indanger them more than it does boys. that's not sexist, that somethingthat is seen under a microscope. furthermore regarding sexuallytransmitted infection, certain behaviors and lifestyles are 100% risk-free and others are treacherous. in the real world

an abortion is devastatingfor some men and some women. it's a wound they carry withthem for their entire lifes. these are indisputable facts there's no debating them. but when the fact includingthe biological fact challenge the sex educators visionof a perfect world they are omittedfrom sex education. if what seen under the microscope threatens their dreamfor society

it doesn't exist. that's why i contend that due to this ideology- young people especially young women arebeing sacrificed on the altar of politicalcorrectness. we all did testpolitical correctness but in my profession in the medical profession wheninformation is withheld if the consequences of abortionfor example are whitewashed,

if a particular sexual actis discuss in a casual way, without waiving any red flags lives are endangered. so the goal is to change society in create a world withoutsexual taboos and restriction. each individualregardless if age make his or her sexual choices, each person decideshow much risk he or she is willing to take,

and no judging is allowed. these ideas are atthe core of modern sex education or as it's called sometimesexuality education. they are very dangers ideas. three groups pay the highest price when biological truthscannot be told and cradle to grave sexual freedom is celebrate.

girls, women and men who havefax with other man. please keep in mind that educators describedin materials, accurate, ideologically neutral and in the interestthe students well-being. they claim to provideyour childrens, your students with all they need to know to makeinformed choices and they insist that they areon the same page as parents

now i know that there's lot variationfrom one school to the next in what students are talk, but i think it's importantfor all of you to know that when i reviewedthe most popular website and pamphlets created foryoung new zealand people by family planningand rainbow youth i found that they arenot medically accurate they are not ideologicallyneutral and they do not provide students withall they need to know

i suspect also that what mostteens hear at home here at home is very different, different from what thesegroups are telling them. so these authorities promise one thingand do another. where i come from that's calleda hoax. and i know that's a seriouscharge to make

but i promise you it's the resultof years research and careful deliberation. so what i'm going to do now is lay out the evidencethat supports my argument. i'm i must warnyou like bob did that i'm about to presentsome disturbing information and i apologize in advance but you must see at,

because this iswith being recommended to your student. so i'm gonna show you someof the troubling things that young people are talk by groups like family planning and rainbow youthas well aid foundation and then i'll explain the sciencethat's omitted from their message. first, the claim that'smade by these groups that they are on thesame page is parent.

almost 70% of new zealandparents believe the teen should be encouragedto delay sex at least until after high school and in public forums, in material that's writtenfor parents and policymakers the sex at this industryinsist they have the same goal. for example,your ministry education sex ed guide for principles,boards of trustees, and teachers says "a key message

"within our sexualityeducation programme "is the need to delay thestart sexual activity." and in the new zealand herald became out a few days ago there was an articleabout my visit here and there was a response from family planning chief executive,jackie edmond. and he saidto the new zealand herald "we support

"telling people to have lovingcaring relationships "and young people to delay "having sexual onset." that sounds very good that sounds like what we want to hear but look at this familyplanning pamphlet for teens"called "your choice". it says "only you shouldcontrol your sex life.

"make sure it's your choice if,or when, "you sleep with someone. "make sure you're really ready." "only you knowwhen it is right for you." and from another oneat their parents with it's called"questions and answers" to all those interesting question aboutgrowing "there is no 'right' ageto have sex. "the age someone choosesto have sex "is different for everyone.

"it needs to be when it feelsright for that individual person." another a website called"the" that family planning links to "before you have sexfor the first time, "there are definitely a fewthings that need to be discussed." "are we ready? "how comfortabledo we both feel "about becoming intimatewith each other?" "contraception what optionswork best for you

"remember,it's best to use condoms "and lube andcontraception until "until you were in a longterm committed relationship." now i've underlined thatbecause it implies that you may not be in a long termcommitted relationship. so kids are told"it's up to you" there is no right age make sure you talkabout contraception

and make sureyou feel ready. now some teens may ask how do i know when i feel ready? so here's some more guidance from family planning. i think it read it is the quotefrom another team. "i think you're ready to havesex if you feel it's righ. "if you like here alittle voices... you know, "don't do it,don't do it

"you should hold off. "but you know,if it's like "yeah i'm ready, then ok." now mind you accordingto this advice you could have a13-year-old girl who meet a 16-year-old boy and after afew days if she hears littlevoices saying i'm ready i'm ready, do it, do it, so just use a condom,

according to family planning,it's just fine. so this is certainly not encouraging kids todelay sexual activity quite the opposite.and you know i challenged jackie edmond to a debate or really anyone from anyof these organizations. we had the opportunityfor a radio debate, but no one has stepped up yetto do that unfortunately. now lets look at the claimsmade by sex educators

the parents should bethe primary educators of their children. this is from anotherpamphlet for parent "parents and caregivers arethe first and most important "sexuality educatorsof their children. "sex education oughtto be taught at home." now this implies that whatthe sex educators do with is basically build onthe parent message right implies that educators andparents are on the same page

but i'd argue that that's notat all the case, for example, look at this site to whichfamily planning refers to it. "blowjobsmouths are soft and warm "which makes having your penissucked feel really good..." in fact, sex edand organizations introduce studentsto high-risk behaviors, discussing them as acceptablehealthy option but these are activities that mostparents don't want their childrento even hear about.

this is from the website "curious". i'm gonna let youread this for yourself. "be happy with you're a**you have probably been told... "that your a** is a dirty placeand shouldn't be touched. "this is silly. "people should be happy withall parts of their bodies..." "it is true that you get ridof waste out of your anus, "but that`s not the onlything that it's good for. "you p**s out your penis,

"but you can do more thingswith your c**k that that." "there are some men who only enjoybeing the 'top' (doing the f**king) "and some men who only enjoybeing the bottom (getting f**ked). "but most like it both ways. "it's good taking turnsat being top and bottom." "your anus is only dirtywhen it hasn't been cleaned, "just like any otherpart of your body..." there many other examplesfrom this and other website that family-planning links to.

so face to said that, this all comes froma certain worldview a vision of sexualityin which the focus like i said is not on health, but are being open and acceptingand free of judgement. of course what missing hereis the biology that certain formsof sexual expression are much higher risk than others with or without condoms

and the notion that all lifestyles are equal in terms of healthis a dangerous one. another one of thosedangerous ideas that i referred to lateri mean earlier. so the priority is sexual license not health and when sexual license orsexual freedom reigns sexual health is going to suffer. the claim next of beingmedically accurate

in science based, i'm going to beginwith the fact that girls are biologicallymore vulnerable to infection than boys and they're not beinginformed of that. for example regarding the humanpapillomavirus hpv virusand that's a picture of it it's actually a lot smaller than that. why does the humanpapillomavirus

infect girls so easily? in the states we have 25% of all teen girls are infected with eitherthis mostly this virus and also the herpes virus. one in four teen. why is so easy for this virusto infect girls? it's because of theirimmature cervix. the cervix is the entranceto the uterus and

when you're looking at hereon the left side is the photo above be cervix itself, the center area is called the transformation zone and it is circled with the yellowmarking and on the right side ofthe slide you see a diagram. the diagram indicate that the area in the centerof the cervix their is only covered byone layer of cells.

the right part of that diagramshows one layer of cells. and this solitary layeris very easy for virusesand bacteria to penetrate it. as girl gets older and she moves into her later teens and her early twenties,this vulnerable area become thicker and tougher as shown in on the otherside of that diagram but are what you see thereon one side

is many levels,many layers of cells and that's with the mature cervix is covered withand that is clearly understandably more difficultif not impossible for viruses andbacteria to penetrate. so as a girl gets older with each year that passes she's building her own biological protection,you could call it

like a shieldso it's harder for her to be infected. there are... let me show you this. so this is a photograph ofthe mature cervix looks like it's smooth and pinkin those other if you look at itmicroscopically many many layers of cells and then here isthe immature cervix

and that central orange areais the zone that only covered by one cell and so easily infected. and we've have foundthe research has shown that there are tooenvironmental factors that can delay the maturingof the cervix. remember what you wantis for to mature. one factor is smokingwhen girls smoke cigarettes her cervix matures moreslowly yhe other factor iswhen they're on birth control pill.

the hormones in the pillcan prevent the...this area from shrinking. so when we put young girls on birthcontrol pill we may actuallybe inadvertently increasing hervulnerability to infections. so i like to call these self the cover the cervixthe one layer of cell politically incorrect cell because boys don't have them in theirreproductive system

and... you know this just meansthat boys and girls are art certainly different this is one of manyways that they are. so if the biology not only morality says in traditional valuesand family first says wait.its also biology that said it's best to wait. biology of says girls are morevulnerable

them boyand they need to know that. another interesting thing, i can spend too muchtime on it because... i have to get to somany other things but another reason whyeasy to infect a young woman is that theirtimes in her cycles when her immune system is weaker in the middle of hercycle of relation is when arm she's morevulnerable to infection

because your body won'tfight easily. so and this is well-known this is you know they've beenknown actually for decades that sexuallytransmitted diseases pose a severe threat towomen's health and fertility, biological factors place women atgreater risk than men and this is unlikely to change even if your counselfor civil liberties

threatened a loss. can anyone think that was funny? but the science about girl'svulnerability is omitted sex education and all the whilethey claim to be famine advancing the welfare of young women. it's totally upside down the immature cervixshould be at the front and center for anyone teaching science-based sexeducation.

real feminism protectgirls and women. a few more thing things aboutpapillomavirus is that the emotional consequences areoften whitewashed and i have a study herefrom new zealand showing the 76% of patients experienced depression andanger at their initial diagnosis of human papillomavirus and for one-third of thesethe feelings persisted for years now i'll just remind you that this viruscan cause

both genital wart and... in rare cases cervicalcancer and other cancers. but overall sex education in my country,in your country... whitewashes. what it's like for peoplewhen they find out that they have this virus,for which there is no cure, there are treatments available but the woonds often return.

now... i don't want to get too graphicand i know that you... just had dinneror you're about have tea you just had teaor we're about to have tea so i won't get graphicbut to enter a relationship knowing that it anytimeyou could have an outbreak of wounds or blisterson your genitals it's hard to feel beautiful it's hard to feel attractive

when you're diseased. so this is important stuff. now another big thing thatis missing from sex education is that the humanpapillomavirus can be transmitted throughoral sex into the mouth and then it stays dormantin the mouth and throat,and years later it can cause throat cancer i also just learnedthis last week

that certain strainsof the human papillomavirus are associated withincreased heart disease they think that the virusinactivates a gene that regulates heart disease. anyway there's so many thingsthat we don't know about this we shouldn't just say like this fellow that interviewedme at the... herald...the new zealand... the new zealand heraldso...

we were talking about papillomavirusand he said... will everyone's gets thatand everyone's gonna get that in... i'd said, what?what are you talking about? he said, you know... he demeaned reallydidn't want to hear about it but the truth is that noteveryone has this virus and many peoplemanaged to escape it and that is the ideal that we should bepresenting to our student not that everyone get this.

so i was saying that boys,getting back to the cervix and the the ones cell layer the boys don't have this area vulnerability area of honor ability in theirreproductive system but they do have it in there gi system,there gastrointestinal system test stem and this is one of manyreasons why anal intercourse is so very dangerousand... this is one of those difficultsubject you need to know thoughthat kids are being talked

that there are threetypes sexual intercourse vaginal, oral and anal and arm they do not however learnedthat even with a condom anal intercourse isa high-risk activity and this again is basednot on morality but on biologyand... the vagina has these differentproperties it has a low phwhich inactivates the hiv's particle

the mucus has certain proteins that fired hiv the lining is thickand stretching because the vagina obviously is a birth canal on it and it's made to delivera big ten-pound baby. so the vagina is constructed in a completelydifferent way from the rectum which is made differently and out also the rectum i discoveredin my research has a kind a cell, called m cell, and those celli write about it in my book they actually take the...

they take hiv... and deliver it right into the lymphaticsystem which is where wants to getto infect the person. so m cells are very dangerousand you don't have them in the vagina so these are some other reasons why for the transmissionof hiv anal intercourse is at least twenty to thirty times moredangerous than vaginal intercourse now i like to givestudent and my patients the same advicethat a friend of mine

arm name is john potterat gave to his kid. john for thirty yearswas the director of all the std and aids programs in a city calledcolorado springs and he's offer about 200publications about std's. so he's really an expert. before his kidsbecame sexually active he told them,"the anus is an exit, not an entry."

"this is not the biblehe told them "this is science." "nature put a tight sphincter, "a muscle to stay closed "at the entrance up the anusfor a reason "keep out." few ovis are experts,like my friend john, but all kid need to hear his however they won't behearing it from the people

over at family-planningor rainbow youth or even from your ministryof health. earlier today bob showed mesome pamphlets that, i guess came from one other schools and they were writtenby the ministry of health and they did not providethis warning to students. the real question here is why promote the idea that vaginal andanal intercourse are comparable?

what is behind this notionof generic intercourse? what's behind itis false believe that male and femaleare the same and that their unionare equivalent. that's what they wantyour children to believe. the last thingthat i wanna tell, well, the next to last,that is omitted from sex-ed, is called the biochemistryof attachment and this is veryexciting science

about human attachmentthrough sexuality. i'm gonna quickly tell you i story about a patient of minewho who i call kayla and she was having onenight stands or hookups. i worked many yearsin the student counseling center at a big universityso she was 18and she came to my office because she'd been unableto get to class for two weeks.

she was drinking and smokingpot most of the night and sleeping during the day. kayla was vague about howshe'd fallen into this pattern but soon the discussionturned to david a guy who lived down the hall he was very niceand cute and they hung out with the samegroup of friends. one night they started kissing one thing led to another

and they had sex. after this happened a few times k were discovered thatshe had feeling for him. "i can't stop thinkingabout him", she said to me "what's wrong with me?" kayla found that the moretime she spent with david the more time she needed. she wanted a relationshipwith him. but he told her,"no way".

now kayla knew that guys don'tlike high maintenance girls. so if you hook up with himan act like it didn't matter that's what everyoneelse is able to do she thought,"why can't i?" but in fact kayla was alwayshoping to hear from david constantly waitingfor a text message and checking her email. she longed for some of connection some indication that shemeant something to him.

people close to hernoticed that she was gettingirritable and moody and because she couldn'tconcentrate on her work or sleep wellshe began drink and smoke pot to help her relax. david was always around because he livedright down the hall and he was interestedin hooking up with her but not much else.

things spiral downwards to a point where kaylareally with not herself. she was failing three subbject: she was abusing substancesevery night and when she was high,she would hook up with other guys i told kayla that i get her help she could stopsmoking and drinking and he was fine with that. then i advised herto stop all hooking up

no kissingno sex, nothing. at least not for now,i told her. because she's too fragileemotionally. well,she just couldn't believe that. "no kissing?"she asked me. "i cant kiss any guy?" "kissing is an intimatebehaviour", i told her. "it has an effect on you." "how about trying itfor one week?"

"can you agree to do that?" "ok", she said "but this is goingto mean a big change "of life style." "i'm going to needsomething to remind me." so there is a rubber bandon my desk one of those wide rubber band so i gave it to her and i told her to writeon the rubber band

"no hooking up". i told her to put iton her wrist and keep it there until our nextappointment to would remind herabout our conversation were telling a patient to weara rubber band with advice on it is not something that i learnedin medical school nor was it any more than stop-gap solutionto this crisis but i considered her behavior

an emergency because whetheror not she used a condom i knew that she could show up ather next appointment pregnant or infected with a sexually transmittedinfections. so i did whatever i couldto help her stop this meaning less encounters. she took the rubber band she wrote "no hooking up" on it, and she wore it. now what's wrongwith this picture?

kayla was a bright girl in fact she was an honorstudent in high school. she knew very well what was and was not responsiblesexual activity in fact kayla and davidhad followed the guidelines for responsible sexual behavior that sex be consensual,non exploitative honest pleasurable andprotected. this was a listthat i got from a...

website in the statewhere student sir... like a family-planning typewebsite for students. kayla and david encountersmet these criteria they follow the rulesso what went wrong? what went wrong is that like so many girlskayla was nine eave and misinformed she was completelyunaware that as a womanshe is vulnerabilities related to sexual behaviorthat david doesn't.

what went wrong isthat she didn't realize sex is a serious matter a single encounter even with protection can change your life for ever. that's not sexistthat biology when kayla is with david her brain is floatedwith the 1mol oxytocin. this is a politicallyincorrect molecule. it challenges the belief

the differencesbetween men and women are due to socialization it also challenges the ideathat sexual behavior can be easily separatedfrom emotional attachment. hormone is a moleculethe travels from one organ to another with a messagedepending on the context oxytocin carries different messages during labor it travels from the brainto the uterus with the message contract and push out the baby.

during nursing it travels from the brainto the breast saying make milk available. it also travels within the brain with messages aboute emotionsand behaviors if you take virgin rat and you inject her with oxytocin and then put her in a cagewith another rats litter she will act toward that litter as if those babies are her own.

so oxytocin carries a message create a bond create an emotional attachment. and what's importantfor young people to know is that this 1 mol is released duringintimate behaviour is well intercourse is not necessaryand need i say the condoms have no effect on the actions of this 1 mol.

i'm not proposing that acasual sexual encounter causes a deep emotional bond such as what you seebetween a mother and child. of course not that's ridiculousbut i'm suggesting that girls must learn from their biology and understand that they are wirednot only to experience pleasure for a moment closeness andintimacy she is also wired to havean emotional reaction and i don't want to mislead you

men also have one that promoteattachment and of course they develop deepbonds to their partners but remember men especially young man have a lot of testosterone and testosterone drive them to want to distribute their dna as far and its wide as possible. another difference between male andfemale is the estrogen the female hormoneramp up effective oxytocin

and testosterone dampens it and very interesting, how, when is estrogenhighest in a female its right before she ovulate. so the way that we are if you wanna sayif you bilieve a creator, you can saythe way we were created or if you believe in evolution you can say,the way we've evolved

but what everyone say, at the time in a woman cycle when she... when she has the potential... of creating a new wife in her is when she is most prime to connect to the person that she's with. now in addition to promotingfeelings of attachment oxytocin also affects our judgment

and our risk-taking, it dampens the area of the brain that way with red flags when you're aboutto do something dangerous. so instead of being verycautious about things it you know instead of red lightyou're gonna have a yellow light or a green affect that area of the brain called the amygdala,that's supose to alert you to somethingthat you're about to do

it may not be smart. oxytocin affect thatarea as well. so basicallywhen kayla is... getting it on,as they say, with david, the oxytocinthat's being released affect how she thinks and feels and this is also very interesting on out take a second, oxytocin is being used

in people with are high functioningautism or aspergers disorder because autism as you knowis a disorder of connection. these individuals have a lack of attachmentto other people they feel anxious with people, they don't read social cues well, they don't read facial cues well, they avoid lookinginto people's eyes, and it's been found thatwhen you give them some oxytocin

they improved in those areas. oxytocin switcheslove and trust on and it switches cautionand aversion off. so when kayla ask me what's wrong withher for feeling attached to david andyearning for some sign that he was attached to her. i told her there'snothing wrong with you, nothing wrong with you. she was relieved to discovershe wasn't crazy.

the only thing wrongwith this young woman was her ignoranceof your unique female wiring about that she didn't havea clue but how could she, the sexuality experts who promised to provide her with medically accurateup-to-date information failed to do so. i'm gonna quickly go through...

the issues with condoms.these are quotes from family-planning...brochures about condoms teaser great athelping to protect you from stis. used correctly theyare 98% effective if used correctly every time theyare ninety percent effective, get them from your clinicyou get heaps for $3. now this is a problem because the real numbers are, are in terms of pregnancy

perfect use by adultperfect use that means every time and using it every time... perfectly there's a 98... the protecting the avoidancepregnancy is 98% but by typical use by adult, which means not every time the slip to 85%.this is only

vis-a-vis conception avoiding pregnancy so if we look atwith the numbers probably are for teenagers who typical useis going to be worse we can assume than adults, when you think of alcoholuse and impulsivity and so on it's goingto be under 85& but the question was askedin 2001 there was a meeting i've experts outside washington dc

what scientific evidenceon the effectiveness a latex male condom used to prevent stdtransmission during vaginal intercourse and they met for a week and talked and comparedand went to the researchs and this was their answer, "it depends." that meant that it dependson the organism.

there are many differentorganisms that we're looking at the best numbers are for hiv and that number is 80%. the worst numbers arefor the human papillomavirus which is probably around 0%. so even when condoms are useda 100% of the time a lot of people are stillgonna get herpes and arm human papillomavirus because theseviruses lives on skin

that is not covered by condoms and even if you don't have a blister ora wart the virus can be present on the skin in you and a person canshare them somebody else. what bothers meand which should bother all of you is that... these terms are being used like very good protectionvery effective protection, exellent protection,even moderate protection.

in this study of herpesa 100% condom use only lowered the risk by 30% now herpes is, not,this is not fun, to have herpes devastating and to only have a 30% lower risk i would not call thatmoderate protection. now i wanna just mentioned that these studies all referred to vaginalintercourse not anal intercourse

and the food and drugadministration the united states which is responsible for... for approving medical devices and condoms are considereda medical device if you go to their websitethey will say condoms may be more likely to breakduring anal intercourse even if the condomdoesn't break, anal intercourse is very risky... condom provide some protection,

but simply too dangerousto practice and this was set by wheneversurgeon generals years ago it's still on the website there and i believe that thisis what we should be it simply too dangerous to practice. a word about the teen brain, there so much science herethat i could tell you i'm just picking a few few...few vital things. all of us who have workedwith young people with teens

know that,how should i say it they do goofy thing. use that word goofy, right? they do goofy thing and then the next daywhen you say them "what were you thinking?" well, what they say?they often say "you know,i guess i wasn't thinking". and we've discovered nowthis is so amazing

we've discovered thatthe part of their brain that the part of...of anyone's brain that is responsible for... for thinking thingsout for analyzing for thinking of consequences you knowwhat's gonna be in the future if i do such-and-such. that is the part of the brain that matures lastand actually doesn't mature

until the mid twenties.and what i have here is an advertisementthat was run by a company that sells car insurance called allstateand they drew on this research about the teen brain to explain topeople why the insurance rates are so high for teenagers and youngadults but then when you reach25 the rates go down. so this was their ad,

"why do most 16-year-olds "drive like they're missinga part of their brain?" "because they are..." and there you haveit says their teen, 16-year-old brain hitchhikersa party a bit missing. but this is not a joke this is really been what is the relevant of this to the sex education? its very relevant to sexeducation

because one of the core ideas of sex educationis that all we need to do is give young people informationand birth control and reproductive healthservices. just give them informationinformation information truckloads of condomsjust keep giving it to them. we know now that very often the reasonfor their poor decision is not that they don't have theinformation

it's that they don't have to goodjudgment and think about itwith condoms you know we're asking teenagersin the heat of the moment you know, we're askingthem to suddenly stop and... you know find the condom make sure it hasn't expired open it up put it on properly. i mean, come on!that called realistic?

i think that it's much morerealistic to advise students that it's best not to evenfind yourself in that situation. so i'm gonna wrap upjust by telling you that in a recent interviewi was told that i must be exaggerating i was toldit must be hyperbole when i say that sexeducation is madness. i do call it madnessthat it teaches untruth and exposes our kids to smut.

if that's truei was asked wouldn't there be congressionalhearings about it? but i am not exaggerating from my perspective having taking oathto prevent disease. the principal,of what for me over the states isplanned parenthood and your familyplanning association or rainbow youth

those principlesthey are madness because they promote sexualfreedom and "when sexualfreedom reigns, "sexual health suffers." is every young person going topostpone sex? of course not. but we are still obligatedto inform them above the risk they face. to teach them biological truths about their physicaland emotional vulnerabilities

to warn them in and no nonsense manner about avoidinghigh-risk behaviors and to encourage the highest standard that's what we do in everyother area of health care but whenit comes to sexuality kids are being taughtthat they can play fire. and the waiting room of doctors have doctors and therapist are filled with people who have been burned

inside and out. i urge all of you to condemnthis dangerous message to tell students that sexis a serious matter that what they're seeing on televisionand at the movies is fiction. in fact, scienceaffirms the age old wisdom of restricting sexual expressionto marriage. that is the ideal. tell students that the pain and anguish

of sexuallytransmitted infection and unwanted pregnancies are 100% avoidable. its all in their handsand they can do it. educate yourself about thesegovernment-funded groups and the materialthey promote to students, don't allow the stuffinto yours schools. there's a lot of work to be done andit's not easy to speak up these things. it's awkwardand everyone squirms

but the stakes are very high and it's too important not to. but most of allwe really don't want to hear what i've been hearingfrom my students. we don't want our studentsto come back to us

sex education curriculum

in a few years and say... "why didn't i know?" "why didn't anybody tell me?" thank you so much.

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