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went to ireland. had to get a car. got the renault clio. [popping sound] [donkey sound]

rentalcar rental, ah, the renault clio. the base model of all base models. it does have an antenna a backdoor handle and a backseat.

so that's nice. and it does have a nice walk upon presence and a standing still presence which i enjoy but it's not a toyota tercel. the back of the clio looks pretty nice. and that's good because a lot of people are going to be looking at it before they pass you and you pull over into a turnout. it is a stick which is cool.

i found myself enjoying that and you're probably going to want to know what's under the hood and i can tell you because i looked. it's just a hamster smoking a cigarette. now that's not really fair because i did own a 1993 acura integra at one point in my life... until i forgot to pull the ebrake and it went down the hill.

but yeah, anyway, how does this thing handle on the open road? not bad, maybe like an oversized gocart actually, i'm lying i was terrified the whole time i was driving this thing. maybe it's because i was on the wrong sideor mrs. cheapassreviews was using an app to navigate. just kidding she's a great navigator.

except when she's looking at sheep. sheep everywhere. and i think that's all the car footage i have, oh no, wait. it had a really nice steering wheel. nice rear view mirror. not gonna lie. loved it.

and the vents. we always fought about those because i was just hot. the views, the rocks, the ocean. it was all spectacular. we saw a lot of great sites in ireland. it was just so lush, so green. just a lot of natural beauty there. and, well, maybe i should just

let it speak for itself here. i'll give you a little clip of our little experience at the lake. wonder if mrs. cheapassreviews has anything to say. wow. i agree. wow indeed. wow like this foam jello stuff at the beach.

so scary. just like getting lost actually. [mrs. cheapassreviews] pay attention to the [sheep sound] road please. i can't put that in the video. my mom watches these. [mrs. cheapassreviews] i didn't know you were going to put sound on. so yeah, that's it.

that's the renault clio and that's ireland through the eyes of eric from cheapassreviews and mrs. cheapassreviews. if you enjoyed it, i make videos every thursday. uh check them out there on the left and, uh, if you like me, you may want to subscribe that would be cool.

rentalcar rental

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be alert. zack should be somewhere around here. there he goes! let's get him! well, zack. i guess you did not learn your lesson the first time. now you definitely will! - [dispatch] all units respond. i need backup. the suspect is driving towards the port.- ten-four!

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travelers...??? disputes with rental car companies. consumer watch's julie watts on how you can protect

car hire excess insurance, yourself. pkg - nat this is when we were comment㢠but this case serves

as a great reminder, whenever possible, use a credit card to pay for purchase like these, so you have the recourse to dispute the charge. and remember, debit cards don't have the same protections. it goes without saying you should also inspect the vehicle

with an employee before you

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the historical city of edinburgh is one of the finest examples of scottish heritage. the beautiful edinburgh castle seated at the top of the royal mile historic walkway in the centre of “old town” is the crowning jewel in the edinburgh cityscape offering fantastic views of both edinburgh city and the castle itself. be sure to see the firing of the cannons at 1pm daily from the castle walls. edinburgh plays host to so many other cultural treats too, such as the national museum of scotland, arthurs seat, scottish national gallery and the famous edinburgh zoo – home to tain tian and yang guang the giant panda’s. after all that walking, hop into the car and head for inverness, take the forth road bridge out of edinburgh, look to the right to see the iconic red cantilever fourth bridge built in 1890.

car hire edinburgh airport, carry on north through the historic city of perth into the beautiful cairngorms national park, the largest national park in the british isles.

car hire edinburgh airport

head west as you travel through the cairngorms to see the world famous lock ness, home of the alleged lock ness monster. edinburgh and inverness, brought to you by hertz.