sex education programs

>> good morning everyone. thank you so much for joining us today, i'm richard sorian, assistant secretary for public affairs.
sex education programs, it's a pleasure to welcome you here today. we have a very full program so i'm going to introduce our
assistant secretary for health dr. howard koh, who will begin the program. thank you very much. d. >> thank you so much mr. sorian, welcome everybody, it's so great to see you here. i'm dr. howard koh, the
and we're happy you are joining us for this important commemoration for 30 years of leadership in the fight against hiv/aids. today we honor the lives of those we have lost, whose life journeys are literally stitched into these aids quilts you see
around us. today we honor the dedication and persistence of advocates here and around the nation who have ushered in a new era of action on behalf of the country. the today we honor the continued commitment of medical and public health professionals that'…

sex education in schools

that was a real ego boost. i feel like iwas really oversold here. it's a real honor to be here. phyllis isdefinitely one of my personal heroes on this campus. i have great personal andprofessional respect for the really important work that you do here, so i'mvery honored to be invited. thank you so much. i'm going to try and go ratherquickly so that we can get through
sex education in schools, everything today because i have lots ofthings that i want to share with you and not lot of time. we've already goneover some of these things, so i'm going to skip them. just very quickly, oasis is responsible for things like take backthe night, red flag campaign, love your
body day, fem sex workshop, sober sex andvarious presentations on campus, such as this and some fun workshops like ask thesexpert. if you're interested in any of those please contact me. what i'mgoing to do is actually send around an email list sheet, no pressure at all, butif you're interested …