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you know, people say evolution is not a badphilosophy. but at the same time it was hitler’s religionduring the third reich in germany. hi, my name is eric. in this next seminar,dr. hovind exposes some of the terrible things that have been done in the name of evolution. because dictators throughout time have usedthe evolutionary ideas to support their brutal

sex education classes, tactics. hi, it’s an honor to be here in roots go back to wisconsin. my mom and dad were both raised over in lacrosse,wisconsin. my name is kent hovind. i was a high schoolscience teacher for fifteen years.

and now for the last sixteen years i’ve beendoing seminars all over the world on creation, evolution,and dinosaurs. i tell people right up front that i believethe bible is the infallible, inspired, inerrant word of the living god.i believe it from cover to cover. i even believe the cover on mine, that says:kent hovind. i believe that. what i want to do in my seminars is to strengthenyour faith in the word of god. in this section we’re going to talk aboutwhy the evolution theory that’s being taught in our school is not only dumb; it’s dangerous. i wouldn’t leave my gorgeous wife and travelaround the country, i was gone for 215 days

last year, i would not do that unless i really, honestly, believed this is public enemy number1. evolution is a dangerous philosophy. i taught science for years. i like scienceand i’m not against science. but folks there’s some just plain old poisonmixed in these science books. everyday for a hour and a half, we have acreation science hour and a half, were we start off the program by saying, we believethe bible is literally true and scientifically accurate, and the evolution theory is thedumbest, most dangerous religion in the history of planet earth. that always get the atheistsstirred up. and we take phone calls and instant messages from all over the world on this topicand your welcome to join us on the program,

it is on the internet: or youcan link to it fom my site: i believe evolution is a dangerous theoryfor seven reasons. it’s going to take us several hours to coverall this. it’s based on nothing but lies; and satanis the father of lies. the evolution theory removes all moralityand all ways to discover how to have morality. it is the foundation for: humanism, racism,nazism, communism, and the new world order that’s coming soon to a city near you! we’ll get into all of that as we go alonghere. in the last couple of sessions we talked aboutsome of the lies in the textbooks

that are used to support the evolution theory. everything that’s ever been used as evidencefor the theory has been proven wrong. get it out of the textbooks! it’s a no brainer;don’t lie to the kids, period. and we showed you how the atheists have ratedthe different states on how well they’re teaching evolution and they thinkyou folks in wisconsin are doing a lousy job at teaching evolution to your kids.yeah, keep it up! now they think you folks in california aredoing a good job teaching evolution. frank, come on, i want that thing red nexttime do that survey, okay? evolution is not only a dangerous theory becauseit’s based on lies only.

it’s dangerous because it removes all morality. huxley said, “i suppose the reason we leaptat the origin of species was that the idea of god interfered with our sexualmores.” ooooh. we don’t want god telling us we can’tcommit adultery. you know, joseph stalin ordered the executionof 14,700 polish officers: they were prisoners of war. why would you execute prisoners of war? imean, what happened to the geneva convention? why did hitler kill six million people? - atleast, maybe more. why did pol pot of the khmer rouge in cambodiakill one third of their entire population?

a third of all the cambodians were killed... why? why were the australian aborigines treatedlike animals? they were rounded up and slaughtered. every single tasmanian aborigine was killed. kip kinkle said, “if there was a god, he wouldn’tlet me feel the way i do. there is no god, only hate.” what happenedto kip kinkle? well, in 1998, kip kinkle walked into hisschool cafeteria and shot fifty rounds from a semi-automatic rifle; 26 students wereinjured, two killed. later, the bodies of his parents were foundin his home. he was arrested, taken to police headquarterswhere he attempted to

murder a detective during his initial questioning. almost right after the shooting, five morestudents within the springfield school district in oregon werearrested for threatening to murder students. one elementary kid shot five of his classmateswith his bb gun. “if there’s a god, he wouldn’t let me feelthe way i do.” well, maybe if kip kinkle had been learning,“hey there is a god and he loves you, and he’s got a plan for your life and youbetter do what he says,” maybe he wouldn’t do that kind of thing. could it be that what we are teaching ourkids is causing this problem?

violent crimes have increased nearly a 1,000percent since i was a boy. i remember the days when you did not haveto lock your house. does anyone remember those days? yeah. there’s been 29 school shooting in americasince 1996. i’ve got a list of most of them here. 29 school shootings ... just in ten years.what has happened? why are kids and teachers being killed andparents being killed by students? back when i was in school, you got in troubleto doing spit wads. ten teachers and 48 students have been killed,along with 7 teachers and 107 students wounded.

dylan klebold of the columbine high schooland eric harris made a video tape before they did the shooting. on the tape,they were talking about a football player. they said, “he doesn’t deserve the jaw evolutiongave him. look for his jaw, it won’t be on his body.” kiebold’s father was a geologist who believedin evolution. both of the boys are followers of nazi teachings. they did the shooting on hitler’s birthdayon purpose to commemorate adolf hitler. they shot isaiah just because he’s black.eric’s tee-shirt says, “natural selection.” natural selection - that’s what evolutionteaches.

if you go back a couple years to starting1992 there have been 235 students killed in the ten years span of our schoolsystem. ten percent of all the boys in schools arenow threatened or injured with a weapon at school. one out of ten. the number of students caughtwith a firearm increased 29 percent in one year. “natural selection?” if the strongest survive,well then if that guy’s bigger than me, i better bring a gun to even the odds. this evolution theory is not just dumb, folks,it’s dangerous. it removes all morality.

there’s no such thing as right and wrong.might becomes right. textbooks say you’re an animal and share acommon heritage with earthworms. could it possibly be that what we are teachingkids is causing this problem in our schools? “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shallset you free.” satan has got a plan; and god has got a plan. god’s plan is to fill his creation with peoplewho obey his laws, live in peace, use the preaching of his word to win souls,and go to live forever with him in heaven. satan’s plan is to reduce the population tozero. he hates humanity, exactly the opposite ofchristianity.

he wants to promise secret knowledge so that:“you can learn something that nobody else knows.” that’s what all the masonic lodges promisetoo, by the way - some kind of secret knowledge. use the teaching of evolution to get peopleto accomplish his goals and have people go to hell forever. satan wantsto reduce the population. the bible says, “all things were created byhim, and for him.” god made a beautiful planet, beautiful gardenand said, “hey, fill it with people.” first thing he said to adam, was a blessing.“be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth.” go fill it up. it’s a blessing. this is thefirst mention of the word, “blessing.” “blessed.”

adam lived 130 years and had a son named seth. and then he lived 800 years and had sons anddaughters. hebrew tradition says they had 56 childrenin that first family. i don’t know where they get that number, butin 800 years you could have a lot of kids. you’ve got nine in how many years, brother?17 years, nine kids, one every two years. yeah, in 800 years you could have a familyof 400. [audience laughs] i met a family from minnesota with 20 kids,all of them under 20. it’s cold in minnesota. [audience laughs] they had huge families back then; that wasgod’s plan. fill the earth with people.

jim duggar, friend of mine, has 15 kids in15 years. god blessed noah and said “be fruitful, multiply,replenish the earth.” “as for ishmael, i’ve blessed him; twelveprinces shall he beget.” “and they blessed rebecca and said, be thouthe mother of thousands of millions.” now that would be a little much, okay, buti can imagine a few dozen. children are a heritage of the lord. see,god’s plan is to fill the earth with people. satan wants exactly the opposite. the biblesays god formed it to be inhabited. it was very different in the pre-flood world.we covered that in seminar #6. god saw everything and it was very good; that’sperfect; that’s the way i want it.

satan’s plan is to put it back to zero. he wants to reduce human population with reducedbirth rates by abortion. are you for proposition ru486? by the way,interesting - in the military, when they want to throw something away, whatdo they call it? you’re going to “86 it,” right? are you for 86, for throwing the kid away? i wonder if they picked that number on accidentor on purpose. birth control, homosexuality, lower cholesterol(that lowers fertility), high cost of living, smaller families, eugenics,high infant mortality rate with vaccines, sids (sudden infant death syndrome), childpornography, reduced population, high death

rate among teens, suicide, drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases. just kill everybody with chemtrails or warsor genetically modified foods that will lower disease resistance or withdrugs. islam, it teaches that “if you don’t joinus, we have to kill you.” 100 times in the koran it says they are requiredto kill anyone who won’t convert. it’s required. people say, “it’s a peacefulreligion.” well there may be some peaceful people init, but their religion isn’t peaceful! satan wants to reduce the population.

jacques cousteau said, “we need to eliminate350,000 people a day to save the planet.” ted turner said that we need a 95% declinein population. okay ted, you first! [audience laughs] the serpent tricked eve in the garden of eden.and then the lord said to the serpent, “that’s it, you’re going to crawl on yourbelly for the rest of your life.” and the then lord said, “i’ll put enmity betweenthee and the woman, between thy seed and her said; it shall bruisethy head.” satan knows some seed of the woman is goingto bruise his head. he didn’t want that to happen so his planapparently is to try to kill

every human being on the planet. he wantsto kill everybody. remember when herod wanted to kill baby jesusin bethlehem? what did he do? he slew all the children, “let’s just killthem all to be sure to get the right one.” satan wants to kill every human on the planet. and some of his followers and helpers downhere are working at that goal right now. charles wurster said, “people are the causeof all the problems; we need to get rid of some of them.” bill clinton signed the bio-diversity treatythat said, “we should reduce the population of the earthto 1 billion.”

they already have the earth divided up intosegments. red areas are for animals only - no humansallowed. that hasn’t been enforced yet, but it’s beenpassed. peter singer [of princeton] favors abortionsafter the kid is born. give the parent 28 days to decide if theywant to keep it. i wouldn’t be here, my parents probably wouldhave killed me many times growing up. some of you would have killed your kids too,right? peter singer said, “christianity is our foe. if animal rights are to succeed, we must destroythe judeo-christian religious tradition.”

do animals have more rights than humans? alangregg said, “the world has cancer, and that cancer is man.” prince philip, the husband of queen elizabeth,said, “if i could be reincarnated, i would wish to return to earth as a killervirus to lower human population.” nice guy, phil. monsanto corporation has been very busy tryingto make a lot of money off of genetically modified foods. 70% of the processed foods that you eat, comefrom genetically modified foods. they’ve been band in europe; they won’t eatthem. in the u.s. everybody eats them - 70%

of your diet. this genetically modified food is very should read the book, “seeds of deception.” you can get it on our website at,if you want to learn about genetically modified foods and what’s happening.our food supply has been so polluted. “love of money, root of all evil,” somebodywants to make money. the united nations believes that food is powerand they’re going to use it to control behavior. len horowitz has a great video and book outabout emerging viruses. before you get any kid vaccinated for anyreason, you’d better study the subject before you make a decision on vaccines. goto or or

get the book “vaccines: the deadly deception”on our table out there. we cover more of this on our “bible and health”video on the problems of vaccines, lowering population levels. did you know autism has increased 75,000%in illinois over a ten-year span? autism is increasing everywhere. there are many folks like mary tocco, herweb site is it is a good website. she studied this intentlysaid, look, these autism increases are because of vaccinations. that’s what is causing it. america has thehighest sudden infant death rate syndromes

among industrialized nations. in 1970, australia made vaccines non-mandatory. 50% of the parents opted out of the programand sids (sudden infant death syndrome) dropped by 50%. strange? dr. william tortes at the university of nevadaschool of medicine said, “two-thirds of the sids babies have been vaccinatedwith dpt in the preceding three weeks.” don’t you think a medical doctor would maybelook and see if there is some kind of connection here? go outside of atlanta, georgia to the townof elberton.

drive north seven or eight miles and you seeway off in the middle of no place just this big old field with rocks stickingout of the ground. as you drive up to them you say, “man, thisis a man-made object like stonehenge.” it has the ten commandments for the new worldorder in twelve languages. commandment number 1: “maintain humanity undera half billion.” there’s already six billion. how are they going to maintain it under ahalf billion? they’ve got big plans to reduce the population. one of them involves chemtrails: how manyof you have seen these things? they are spraying them our of airplanes all over the place.have they sprayed your area of wisconsin with

chemtrails? this is not contrails; this isnot coming out of the engine, they are spraying chemicals. all over the united states, whatfor? well they want to reduce the population and this will sure do it. because the stuffthey are spraying is going to do exactly that. just check it out on the internet go to googleinternet search and type in “chemtrails” or “chemical trails” just read it yourself. youwon’t believe the stuff that they are spraying over your city! the purpose is a long termpurpose to reduce the population of the world! we will cover more on that in our collegeclasses. satan hates humanity and wants to reduce the population to a half billion, thatis what he is telling these people. they don’t know it but ted turner and these guys arebeing used by satan to get the population

down to half billion and then he wants tokill them. satan’s plan is zero! god wants to have us obey his laws. satan says, “no, you disobey god’s laws. iwant you to be punished. i want you to go to hell.” we could talk all day about satan’s plan forthe new world order in that sense. god’s commandments are not grievous. god putthem in the garden, said “you can eat of any tree except that one tree,the knowledge of good and evil.” it’s real simple, adam. enjoy the garden,have lots of kids, and don’t learn about evil. after they disobeyed, romans chapter 16, paulsaid,

“i would have you wise unto that which isgood and simple concerning evil.” parents, don’t teach your kids about all theevil things. don’t have drug education classes where youshow them, “hey, this is marijuana. this is how you smokeit. now don’t you do that!” [audience laughs] duh. don’t put them in sex education classes inseventh grade, it’s a plumbing class at that time. don’t do that, okay? let them be ignorant. let them learn it frommom and dad, not from some heathen, okay? it’s real simple adam. enjoy the world andhave lots of kids and don’t learn about evil.

don’t learn all that stuff. the lord said,“hey, have you eaten off that tree i told you not to eat from?” god is not asking for information. he’s askingfor a confession. and the man said, “the woman (he passed thebuck or blame) whom thou gave to be with me. now god, this is really your fault, you know.if you hadn’t given her to me i wouldn’t have this problem.” he said to the woman, “have you done this?” she said, “well, the snake that you made....”

we still do the same thing, nothing changes,okay? fear god, keep his commandments. just like the taking of life is very importantin any culture. murder is serious. giving life is important. that’s why god put certain rules down forreproduction, okay? follow his rules. “thou shalt not commit adultery. whoremongersand adulterers god will judge.” don’t even look and lust or you’ve committedadultery already in your heart. by the way, ladies, that’s why it’s importanthow you dress, okay? my daddy always said, “if you’re not in business,don’t advertise.” [audience laughs] women should dress in modest apparel. that’swhat the bible says, alright.

premarital sex increased like crazy since1963 when evolution became popular in our school system. now a third of the kids born in the hospitalsare born to a couple not married. 725% increase in unmarried couples livingtogether in adultery. divorce rates have gone crazy. violent crimeshave gone up a 1000%. in 1973, the supreme court said the word persondoes not include the unborn. that, people think, justifies abortion. there’snow been 45 million aborted babies in america. a billion worldwide. satan’s plan - reducethe population. boy, that will do it. this evolution theory is the foundation philosophyfor humanism.

humanism is the idea that man is god. afterall, there is no god out there, so we must be god. the bible says, “they did not like to retaingod in their knowledge, god gave them over to a reprobate mind.” “do humanists believe in a supreme being?emphatically, yes. that supreme being is man. humanists have no knowledge of any being moresupreme.” “...the turning point in history will be themoment that man becomes aware that the only god of man is man himself.” i spoke at a public school in pennsylvaniaone time and a kid sat on a second row.

he said, “mr. hovind, i’m an atheist.” i said,“really?” i said, “you don’t believe there’s a god?” he said, “no, there’s no god.” i said, “well,son, let me ask you a question.” this kid’s a senior in high school. i said, “do you know everything.” he said,“oh no, no.” i said, “do you know maybe half of everything?” he said, “no.” i said, “well, let’s just pretendfor a few minutes that you know half of everything.” i said, “is it possible that god exists inthe other half that you don’t know?” [audience laughs]

brand new thought bounced around in his brainfor a while and got lost, i’m sure. [audience i said, “let me ask you a question son. ifyou’re an atheist, how do you tell right from wrong?” he said, “that’s easy. i decide what’s rightand wrong.” he said, “i’m the god of my own universe.” i said, “i’m glad to hear about that becausei’m going to shoot you in five minutes.” he said, “you can’t do that.” i said, “ohyes i can. you see, i’m the god of my own universe andi decided that it’s fine for me to shoot you.” how do you decide right from wrong? i’ve askedthis question to evolutions all over the world.

i’ve never gotten one to answer it. simplequestion. if evolution is true, how do you tell right from wrong? how do we tell right from wrong? is therea big cosmic standard someplace? a “thus saith the lord?” if there isn’t, we’rein trouble. this russian atheist astronomer came to americaand he said, “folks, either there is a god or there isn’t.” i thought, now this guy is really smart. andthen he said, “both possibilities are frightening.” wow, that’s a thought. if there’s a god, webetter find out who he is and find out what he wants.

and do what he says because he owns this place.if there is no god, we are in trouble. we’re hurdling through space at 66,000 milesan hour and nobody is in charge. a scary thought. evolution is the foundation for humanism - manbecomes god. adolf hitler, “i am god!” “i am god... i am god... i am god... i amgod! i am god!” hey gabriel, come and listen to this one!ha! ha! ha! [audience laughs] one guy said, “i will not accept creationphilosophically because i do not want to believe in god; therefore, i choose to believe in that whichi know is scientifically impossible.”

rifkin said, “we no longer feel ourselvesto be guests in someone else’s home and therefore obliged to make our behaviorconform to a set of preexisting cosmic rules. it’s our creation now. we make the rules.we establish the parameters of reality. we create the world and because we do, weno longer feel ourselves beholden to outside forces. we no longer have to justify our behavior,for now. we are now the architects of the universe. we are responsible to nothing outside of ourselves,so we are the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.”

that’s humanism. and evolution is the foundationfor this pagan, idiotic philosophy. lewontin said, “we take the side of sciencein spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs. we have a prior commitment ... a commitmentto materialism.” materialism is an absolute that we cannotallow a divine foot in the door. we cannot even think about the idea theremight be a creator. satan’s put it into the minds of his followersthat they ought to build a kingdom and rule the world. once you reject god, then a bunch of peopleget together and say,

“wow, we got to control this planet. we’vegot to rule the world. one thing we have to do is start to kill someof the other people; there’s too many of them here.” see, if evolution is true, who owns the world?who makes the rules? how do we decide right from wrong? if man is god, and that’s what humanism means,there is no absolute standard. how do you tell right from wrong? i mean,maybe osama bin laden should tell right from wrong for everybody. maybe congress should decide. maybe bill clintonought to decide. “right and wrong? never heard

of that before.” how do you tell right from wrong? where arethe rules? look folks, during the civil ware, one guydecided he did not want to get involved. so, he put on a yankee coat and rebel pants.after the battle, he was found dead. his yankee coat was full of rebel bullet holesand his rebel pants was full of yankee bullet holes. you might as well get on one side or the other,okay? just make a decision. we’re in the middle of a battle - the biggestbattle on the planet. we are in the middle of it.

mankind is the battlefield between satan andgod. there’s a great book by henry morris called“the long war against god.” i highly recommend that one. it’s so simple. you decide which side youwant to be on and then help your general win. christians have a great advantage. see, wehave an infallible book that tells us how it comes out. i read the last chapter - we win! i thinkit would be smart to get on god’s side, okay? more on that in our college class 103. evolution is a dangerous philosophy becauseit’s the foundation for racism.

the idea that one race of people is superiorto another comes from evolution. here’s darwin’s book, “the origin of species.”that’s not the whole title. and by the way, the theory of evolution waspopular way before darwin; he just made it more popular. aristotle taught a form of evolution in 400b.c. the egyptians taught evolution to moses when he was in school. they said, “life evolved from the slime onthe nile river.” moses learned that growing up. later, he edited the book of genesis. “inthe beginning, god created the heaven and

the earth.” didn’t phase him, okay? the textbooks willshow you that there are different species of animals. “the origin of species,” now wait a minute. there might be different species, but they’rethe same kind of animal, quite obviously. now this textbook gives a little more of thetitle. it says that darwin called it: “the origin of species, by means of naturalselection.” they’re lying! they’re not giving the whole title, i’ve gotit right here in my hand. here’s the real title of the book: “the originof species, by means of natural selection

... or the preservation of favored races in thestruggle for life.” favored races? now charlie, that’s not politically correct!oh, it was in 1859 when he wrote the book. they had slavery in america. darwin thoughtthat natives were just advanced animals. darwin said, “in some future period not verydistant as measure by centuries, the civilized races of man will all most certainlyexterminate and replace the savage races.” darwin said, “from the war of nature and famineand death, the most exalted object were capable of conceiving, the production of higher animals follows.”you see, that was popular to say in 1859.

we had slavery in this country. you couldbuy and sell negros like cows. henry fairfield osborn from the american museumof natural history said, “the standard intelligence of the averageadult negro is similar to that of the eleven year old youth of thespecies homo sapiens.” now if a professor said that today, how longwould he keep his job? steven gould knew this was true. he said, “biological arguments for racismmay have been common before 1850 but they increased by orders of magnitude followingthe acceptance of evolutionary theory.” huxley said, “no rational man, cognizant ofthe facts, believes the average negro is the

equal, still less the superior, of the white man.”kingsley, an anglican priest said, “the black people of australian, exactly thesame race as the african negro, cannot take in the gospel. they can’t be saved, he said. all attemptsto bring them to the knowledge of the true god have yet utterly failed. poor brutes in human shape, they must perishoff the face of the earth.” kingsley was an anglican priest who went aroundpromoting darwin’s book when it came out. in 1860, kingsley wrote a letter to his wifeafter he visited ireland from the potato famine

where a million people died. he said, “i amhaunted by the human chimpanzees ... i saw along the hundred miles of horriblecountry. to see white chimpanzees is dreadful, if they were black, one would not feel it so much, but their skin,except where tan by exposure, is as white as ours.” here are these irish people starving fromthe potato famine. kingsley drives by and looks at them and says,“ahh, these poor white chimpanzees.” he thought they hadn’t evolved as far. themormons teach negros in this life are denied the priesthood.

“negros are not equal with other races. it’sthe lord’s doing. it’s based on his law of spiritual laws ofjustice and grows out of the lack of spiritual valiance of those concernedin the first estate.” see, the mormons teach babies in heaven areborn first. the heavenly father has thousands of wives,and has spirit babies. if they’re good spirit babies, when they cometo earth they get a white-skinned body. if they’re bad spirit baby, they get a black-skinnedbody. that’s what they teach. in mormon doctrine by bruce mcconkie, he said,“it’s a divine decree, cain, ham and the whole negro race have been cursed withblack skin - the mark of cain.”

mormon apostle peterson said, “if there’sa drop of negro blood in my children as i’ve read to you, they receive the curse.” mormon president brigham young said, “shouldi tell you the law of god in regard to the african race? if the white man which belongs to the chosenseed mixes his seed, mixes his blood, with the seed of cain, the penalty under the law of god is deathon the spot. this will always be so.” you should read some books about mormonismand see what they’ve done in the past few hundred years over this teachingof racial superiority.

see, racism was popular in the 1800’s. i mean,they would buy the slaves and put them on ships and pack them in as tight as they could. if abunch died, oh well. save as many of them as you can. they sold them on the market. some leadersin america thought the aborigines were not as evolved as the white man because the aborigines havea bigger jaw. their jaw bones are bigger. eskimos in alaska have the same thing. theyhave bigger jaw bones. they said, “well, that’s because they aren’tas evolved from the apes as we are.”

no, that’s because they use their jaws allthe time like a vice. they don’t carry a tool box around with them. they migrate each year so they don’t wantto carry fifty pounds of tools. when they want to pull the skin off of something,they hold it in their teeth and pull the skin off. they use their jaw muscles all the time. anybody builder would tell you the more you use your muscles the bigger your bones get. it actually developsthe bones also. “the mental life of savages rises little abovethat of higher mammals,

especially the apes with which they are geneticallyconnected. the intelligence moves within the narrowestbounds and one can know more or less speak of their reason than that of the more intelligentanimals. these lower races such as the veddahs or australiannegros are physiologically nearer to the mammals, apes or dogs, than to civilized europeans.we must, therefore, assign a totally different value to their lives.” that’s ernst haeckel, the guy who lied aboutthe gill slits. at the beginning of the white settlement,this is in australia, there were an estimated

300,000 aborigines all over australia. aborigines were viewedby the settlers as primitive savages. in addition to warfare and killing, water,flour, and sugar were poisoned and diseases like smallpox, measles, and influenza were introducedintentionally to lower the population. it was the law; you could kill aboriginesif you wanted. how many saw the movie, “quigley down under?” he was brought in to kill the aborigines becauseit was a marksman. in tasmania every single tasmanian aboriginewas killed. why?

i think the evolution theory is directly responsiblefor what happened to the slaughter of the aborigines. these two people went to australia to collectskulls for the museums in america. here’s the article right here: “a new southwales missionary was a horrified witness to the slaughter by mounted police of a group of dozens ofaboriginal men, women and children.” forty-five heads were boiled down and thebest ten skulls were packed off for overseas. they shot them just to get the bones. thesmithsonian has 33,000 sets of human remains in their basement.

they call it the army of the potomac. theseare used for evidence of evolution. charles darwin’s cousin, francis galton, starteda movement called the eugenics movement to purify the human race. let’s get rid of some of these inferior races,they believed. they drew in from all branches of scienceto make eugenics, to “improve humanity.” we could spend days talking about eugenics. these ideas gave rise to american laws thatempowered doctors to sterilize people they judged to be unfit. as a result, black estimates that some 60,000people were sterilized in the united states

over the course of the twentieth century.some doctor thought, “oh, they’re not fit to be a mom or a dad.” they sterilized them. this is in america. the most chilling though, were the ways whichamerican eugenics influenced their german counterparts. hitler said, “i’ve studied with great interestthe laws of several american states concerning the prevention and reproduction by peoplewhose progeny would in all probability be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock.” in 1904st. louis had the world’s fair.

they brought in 2,000 of what they said wereprimitive people and had a big display about the primitive people to demonstratethe superiority of the white man. that’s only a hundred years ago, folks. otabenga was put in a cage with chimpanzees. he was taken away from his wife and two kids.they put him in with the chimpanzees as part the displays so people could go by and laughat how primitive the pygmies were. he died; he committed suicide, ota did. he’sburied in lynchburg, virginia. teddy roosevelt thought the indians were aninferior species because they hadn’t evolved as far. roosevelt said, “i wish the wrong people couldbe prevented entirely from breeding.”

he thought the immigrants from europe, scotland,ireland, and the orient were a threat to american society. how many of you have ancestors from one ofthose places? oh, you’re an inferior species according to these guys. in 1871, congress scrapped all treaties withthe indians and moved them off to the reservation system that they’re stillusing today. the cherokees down from florida were movedoff to oklahoma, made an indian territory. one third of them died along the forced journey,called “the trail of tears,” because our leaders thought they were an inferiorspecies.

we could spend all day on that one. the biblesays that we’ve all got one father. there’s no reason to be a racist. god hathmade of one blood all nations of men to dwell upon the earth. darwin also said, “a married man is a poorslave, worse than a negro.” i never met his wife, but if a college professorsaid that today, how long would he keep his job, or his life? darwin said, “the chief distinction in intellectualpowers of the two sexes is shown by man’s attaining to a higher eminence inwhatever he takes up than can woman. whether requiring deep thought, reason, orimagination, or merely the use of

senses and hands, the average mental powerin a man must be above that of women.” he said, “man has ultimately become superiorto women, poetry, strength, voice, etc.” darwin believed in inbreeding. he marriedhis first cousin, emma wedgewood. he wanted to have a superior stock. they produced ten children. mary died shortlyafter birth. anne died at age ten. robert born retarded died at nineteen months.henrietta had a serious nervous breakdown. three of his other six sons were ill so oftenthat charles thought they were semi-invalids. so much for your superior stock, charlie.evolution is a bad tree that has a bad root; it brings forth evil fruit.

evolution is the foundation for immorality. it is the foundation for humanism; the foundationfor racism; and now we’re going to cover how evolution is the foundation philosophy fornazism, communism, and the new world order. evolution: the foundation for nazism. whydid hitler do what he did? now mussolini, the dictator in italy, thought the italianswere the superior species that deserved to rule the world. so did the germans, so they linked up togetherfor a while. so they thought, “while, we’ll just rule ittogether and then when we get too many people we’ll decide between the twoof us who is the strongest.”

mussolini and hitler were strong believersin evolution. now hitler believed the germans were the superiorrace that deserved to rule the world. arthur keith said, “the german fã¼hrer hasconsistently sought to make the practice of germany conform to the theoryof evolution.” a direct line runs from darwin to the fatherof eugenics movement, darwin’s cousin, francis galton, to the extermination campsof nazi europe. hitler’s book that he wrote, mein kampf, written1924 while he was in prison, between the two world wars is full of ought to read the book. it’s a boring read for one thing, but it’sabsolutely full of his evolution philosophy.

since the time he was a boy he was dominatedby this one thinking, that one race is superior to another, becauseof evolution. in this book, while six million died, it tellsabout the story where hitler offered to send the jews to anybody who would take them.hitler said, “do you want the jews? i’ll send them to you on luxury ships if youwant them.” you know, america refused to take the jews.roosevelt said, “we don’t want them.” america had very racist immigration policiesbefore world war ii. long stories about this there. you can read about the ship that came to cubaand tried to unload their jews.

they said, “we don’t want them.” they sailedall the way up the east coast of america. every port in america refused to allow somenine hundred jews to get off the boat. so they sent them back to europe. in hitler’sbook, mein kampf, he said, “no more does nature desire the mating ofweaker with stronger individuals. even less does she desire the blending thehigher with the lower race.” he talked about the mingling of aryan bloodand lower peoples. this is all based on a philosophy called race has evolved further than the rest. who’s an aryan? and what are these lower peoplesanyway? well, hitler taught that the blond-haired,blue-eyed norwegians were close to pure aryan

did you follow all of that? the blond-haired,blue-eyed norwegian. and he thought the germans were mostly aryan? the mediterranean’s are slightly aryan. slavicsare half aryan, half ape. orientals are slightly ape. the black africans are mostly ape and thejews are close to pure ape. hitler killed the jews because of his evolutionthinking. we fought a really big war, probably a 100million people died in world war ii altogether because of that stupid theory. it’s not justdumb, folks, it’s dangerous. hitler also hated the black people. in 1936the olympics were held in berlin, germany.

jessie owens, the black american athlete,won the most gold metals and hitler walked out of the stadium. he said, “it’s not fair to make my men raceagainst this animal.” one of the jewish prisoners who survived theholocaust said, “there’s a difference between those who lookupon their fellow human beings as common creatures a common creator and those who look upon themas conglomerate of biologicals and chemicals.” is the human body nothing but chemicals? hitlerthought, “man, we could get so many ounces of soap out of them and so many ounces of grease and so many ouncesof hair. it’s just chemicals.” i’ve been germany

several times. i read lots of books about hitler and theholocaust just to keep my blood boiling. what hitler did was because of his beliefin evolution. he thought they were an inferior species. so this is not just some kind of academicdiscussion, folks; this is a dangerous philosophy. there i am at the flossenburg concentrationcamp where they mine all the granite for hitler’s monuments. and millions and millions of people were killedbecause of hitler’s belief in evolution. dumb, dumb idea.

i stood in that spot where hitler was standingin that picture just thinking about this huge conference ground at nuremberg.hitler tried to make the individual feel small and the cause seem great. people are doing the same thing today withthe young people. hitler knew how to reach the youth of his nation. he wanted to indoctrinate the young the way, nazism is still alive and well in america. it’s really alive and well in wisconsin. oneman in skokie, illinois near chicago told the authorities

he killed a plastic surgeon he found in thephone book because these plastic surgeons were making blue-tinted contact lenses and they’re dilutingthe aryan beauty. he picked him out of the phone book and killed him. hitler thought that biological evolution wasthe best force to fight against traditional religion. hitler said, “i regard christianity as themost fatal, seductive lie that ever existed.” now, lutzer, from moody bible institute wrotea great book on hitler’s cross. but actually he was anti-christian in everythinghe did. you should read the barmen declaration.

go to the internet and type in “barmen declaration.”you wonder, where was the german resistance to hitler? where was the christian resistance to hitler?why didn’t the christians do something to stop this guy? well, we’re going to wonder that someday,“why didn’t the christians in america do something to stop the new world order? why didn’t theydo something?” hitler used nazi propaganda pictures like this; him walking out of a church with a cross abovehis head. it’s all propaganda. he hated christianity. did you know they had nazi baptisms and nazialtars. you could be baptized into nazism.

it was a total religion. hitler said, “you tell a lie long enough andloud enough and often enough, the people will believe it.” he said, “people are more likely to believea big lie than a small one.” by the way, the japanese also thought theywere a superior species because they had evolved farther. darwin’s book hit japan and people just lovedit. i mean, the crazy religions they had japanat the time just absorbed evolution right into their thinking.

when darwin’s book was translated into japanese,everybody said, “wow, what an amazing theory, evolution.” and the next obvious step is, hey if evolutionis true which race has evolved the farthest? japanese scientists did studies to find outwhich race of people have less hair and it was the japanese. they said, “see we’ve evolved farther fromthe apes.” they said, “we have milder body odor.” they did real scientific studies to provethe japanese had evolved farther. and that’s why you won’t understand what happenedin world war ii when american prisoners

were captured and tortured like the bataan,the bataan death march, or the concentration camps over there. you’re not going to understand why this happeneduntil you understand the thinking of the japanese soldiers. they had been taught all of their lives: evolution.“we have evolved farther. these are an inferior species.” it’s really best if we eliminate them. thesoldiers that survived world war ii in japanese concentration camps were amazed at how cruel the japanese were,just very cruel to the prisoners.

they thought they were an inferior species.evolution is the foundation for communism. communism is a theory that believes that goddoes not exist or is not necessary; that man is responsible. ties hand in hand with humanism. roger baldwin,the founder of the aclu: (aclu) american communist lawyers union. baldwinsaid, “communism is the goal.” the purpose of the aclu was to advance communism.that’s why they were founded. now, moses mordecai marx levy, alias “karlmarx,” the founder of communism, had written a paper when he was seventeen years old telling howmuch he loved the lord.

then he went off to college, studied philosophy,turned his back on god, and developed his theories of communism, which goes hand in glove with evolution. didyou know 75 percent of kids who go from christian homes to public schools are going to lose theirfaith after one year of college? you parents better think long and hard beforeyou send your kids off to school. are you sending them off to a secular universityso they could make more money in life? is that your goal? you’re willing to riskthree fourths of them? i’d recommend at least one good year of biblecollege before they go to a secular school,

even if it’s not accredited. just to get them grounded in the bible andreally get them grounded in creation before you send them off there. there is a high spiritual causality rate atthose places. now, karl marx said later in life, “my objective in life is to dethrone god anddestroy capitalism.” karl marx is the founder of communism. he based his philosophy on evolution. he triedto dedicate his book to charles darwin. he wrote a letter to charles darwin. he said,“dedicated to charles darwin from a sincere

admirer - karl marx.” darwin’s wife said, “honey, you better notaccept this. this may be a little much.” karl marx had six children; never worked aday in his life. three of his kids died of starvation at infancy;two others commuted suicide. not a successful model father. when he died,six people attended his funeral. karl marx developed in 1848 the communistmanifesto: how to destroy a country; how to be taken over by communism. first thing, you abolish private everything marx did was intentionally anti-christian.

if the bible is for it, he’s against it. see,the bible makes private property a real serious issue. ownership of private property is can’t have freedom without property rights. what good does it do to say that you haveall kinds of freedom if there’s no place to exercise your freedom? leviticus 25 says the fiftieth year was hallowed,this was the year of jubilee. you could not possibly lose your propertypermanently in the biblical system. since everyman has his own vine and his ownfig tree, drink waters out of your own cistern, watersout of your own well.

private property is essential. peter berle,the president of the national audubon society, said “we reject the idea of private property.”i can guess where he got that. karl marx developed the idea of a graduatedincome tax. the more you make, the more they take. that’s karl marx’s idea. he’s said, “you needto abolish rights of inheritance.” the bible says a good man leaves an inheritanceto his children’s children. karl marx was against that. confiscate property rights. evolution is afoundation of communist philosophy behind

the money powers. karl marx said, “we need a central bank.”this was a communist idea. the banking system we’re using today in america,the federal reserve, is a direct result of karl marx’s thinking. there is nothing federal about it. it’s privatebankers that run our currency. the bible says, “the love of money is theroot of all evil.” all evil! what you need to do is real simple. you followthe yellow brick road. by the way, that whole movie was made to teachus something very interesting: the yellow brick road,

the land of oz, “o,” “z” ounces of gold. theyhad a straw man: no brain. tin man: no heart. that’s commerce it’s heartless. there is along interesting story behind the real meaning of that movie. we cover much more on thatin the cse 103. karl marx, one of karl marx’s ideas was governmentownership of communication. like our fcc. or for transportation, like the tsa. karl marx’s idea is for the government totake over transportation. they’ve already taken over the airports, haven’tthey? try to fly. i fly two hundred and fifteen times a year,as i did last year. see what you got to go through with governmentregulation in transportation.

government ownership of factories and agriculture.government control over labor. this was all marx’s idea. corporate farms and regional planning. everythingis exactly backwards to christianity. free education for all in public schools.that was karl marx’s idea. our public school system. hitler said, “let me control the textbooks,i’ll control the state.” martin luther said, “i am very much afraidthat the schools will prove to be the great gates to hell, unless they diligently labor in explainingthe scriptures, engraving them on the hearts

of the youth. i advise no one to place his child where thescriptures do not reign paramount. every institution in which men are not increasinglyoccupied with the word of god must become corrupt.” here’s a 1777 schoolbook used here in america:“the new england primer.” they taught the kids the alphabet using poemslike this, “in adams fall, we sinned all - heaven tofind, the bible mind - christ crucified, for sinners died.” can you believe that’s a public school textbook?here’s how the kids learn their alphabet again.

a: a wise son maketh a glad father. bibleverses, for all the letters of the alphabet. you need to read “the fourth reich of therich” if you want to study more education how money powers have gotten involved withthis. communism is totally anti-christian in every possible way. this is the communist rules for revolution.for number one, you corrupt the young. break down the moral virtues. this is incredible what they’ve done. corruptthe young. get them away from religion. brake down their moral virtues. encouragea soft government attitude towards crime. three strikes and your out. how about onestrike and your out?

where’s the victim’s rights in all of this?divide the people into hostile groups. get the people’s minds off their government.focus their attention on athletics. get people more worried about soccer or footballthan what the government is doing. in 1896 there were three hundred and elevenathletes in the olympics. a hundred years later there were 13,000. there are probably people in this room thatknow more about the local sports team or the green bay packers than you do about whothe senators are from your state. our minds are off our government alright.control all media like cnn (communist news network).

don’t get me started on the media. destroypeople’s faith in their leaders. lenin said, “those who cast the votes decidenothing. those who count the votes decide everything.” interesting thinking. who’s programming thesevoting booths that are counting the ballots by computer? who’s programming these voting booths whichcount the ballots by computer? go to “vote scam” on the internet. just type in “vote scam” and see what youfind. cause the registration of firearms so thatyou can eventually confiscate them.

gun control, communist idea. lenin said, “oneperson with a gun can control a hundred people without one.” imagine this scene. you’re standing in a banktrying to cash a check. somebody runs in there, pulls out a gun, andsays, “everybody lay on the floor!” so everybody lies on the floor. now imaginethis scene. every citizen is armed. the guy runs in the bank, “lay on the floor!”everybody else pulls out their guns. [audience you lay on the floor while they all stompon your head. every dictator throughout history has wanted gun control. it’s just a normal thing. you have to controlthe guns. every dictator has wanted that.

we cover much more on that in our collegeclass 103 about the gun control. gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.somebody sent me this button as a joke, “proudly unarmed.” would you wear this? what does this say toa criminal? “rob me!” isn’t that what it says? at a very early age, comrade stalin went toa christian school, but he read darwin’s book and became an atheist. that’s the book which changed joseph stalin’slife, forever. joseph stalin killed between 60 and 100 millionof his own people. you should read anything written by alexandersolzhenitsyn, like his book the “gulag archipelago.”

the concentration camp. he spent ten yearsin stalin’s concentration camps. my daughter-in-law is from ukraine. we used to have seven people on our stafffrom former soviet countries. we know what they do over there. when germany and russia attacked poland duringworld war two, poland was just totally overwhelmed. no chance of survival in a situation likethat. they captured all of these polish officers. they asked stalin, “what should we do withthe officers?” he said, “they’re just poles, execute them.” they finally admitted it in 1992. the russiansfinally admitted, “yes, we killed 14,700 officers

at the katyn forest (massacre).” massacred them. why? well, if you believein evolution, you think you’re superior because they’re just inferior. it’s really best to wipe them out; it’s likepulling weeds, that’s all it is. pol pot, the leader cambodia during the cambodianreign of terror, killed one third of his own population. i don’t recommend that you watch the “killingfields.” it’s a pretty violent movie but it is pretty accurate. that’s what they did; they killed people bythe tens of thousands - for any reason.

when communists took over china, they beganto kill christians at a rate of 15,000 a month. missionaries that were there reported thosethat survived, that got out of china, said, “you know, it was strange when they came intoour village, the communists came in they didn’t start teaching communism in the schools. thefirst thing they did in the schools was start teaching evolution.” communists know full well that evolution isthe foundation for communism. russian atheist astronomer said, “either thereis a god or there isn’t. both possibilities are frightening.” see, if there’s no god, man is in charge.if you put man in charge, you’re asking for

disaster. the evolution theory is dangerous; it bringsforth bad fruit. it is a corrupt tree, and instead of pluckingthe branches off hiding abortion and all of these sins, which i think we should do, go for the rootman. fight the main philosophy behind it. the bible says that the earth is the lord’s.this whole problem started 6,000 years ago. god created everything. lucifer decided that he wanted to be god.probably about 100 years after the creation is when lucifer fell,

i don’t know, we cover some of that on video2. lucifer started this long war against god. ezekiel tells us a little bit about it. itsays iniquity was found in him. he was perfect until iniquity was found inhim. he was lifted up because of his beauty; because of his power; and because of his riches.he’s the one that weakened the nations. isaiah tells us, “how have you fallen fromheaven oh lucifer, thou son of the morning. how aren’t they cut down to the ground whichdidst weaken the nations?” lucifer is causing this problem. he has decided, “i will ascend into heaven;i will exalt my throne above the stars of god.

i will sit upon the mountains of congregationand the sides of the north; i will ascend above the heights of the clouds.i will be like the most high.” the bible says, “yet thou shalt be broughtdown to hell, to the sides of the pit. they that see thee shall narrowly look uponthee and consider saying, ‘is this the man that made the nations tremble?’” how many saw the movie wizard of oz? rememberwhen they finally pull the curtain back and there’s the great oz. is this the man? this is it? that’s oz? thatlittle guy pulling strings? he made the world as a wilderness and destroyedthe cities.

that’s it? i thought you were the wonderful,great and mighty oz. no, we’re going to be amazed when we see satancasted into hell. we’re going to be amazed that this littlepuny guy, that has wreaked so much havoc on this world. satan is making plans to rule the world. kindof like the cartoon “pinky and the brain.” god is up in heaven laughing about it. psalm2 is a great tranquilizer. the more you study about what’s happeningin the world and the new world order coming soon, the more nervous you can get if you’re notcareful. just read psalm 2, it’ll calm you

right down; it’s a good tranquilizer. “why do the heathenrage? the people imagine a vain thing? the kings of the earth set themselves, therulers take council together against the lord, against his anointed. saying, let us break their bands asunder andcast away their cords from us. he that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh.”god is laughing at their plans for a new world order. if you want to read some good books, read“seven men who rule the world from the grave” based on their philosophy. what you believedetermines how you behave. that is for sure.

to know about some things you can do aboutit in america to slow things down be sure to get this book about jury nullification. did you know that one person on the jury canjust vote “not guilty” if they don’t like the law? the question is not “are they guilty or not?”the question is “is the law is reasonable?” i don’t like that law, “not guilty.” amazingbook; you ought to read it, it is just a dollar. henry morris as an awesome book called “thelong war against god.” that is a must read for anybody studying creationand evolution. it’s a bitter fruit coming off an evil tree, folks.

evolution is also the foundation philosophyfor the new world order. there’s an excellent video that you can getfrom our ministry: “megiddo.” it is: “megiddo 1” and “megiddo 2.” if you want to study what’s really going onand get the whole philosophy of what’s happening so you can get the bigpicture, i recommend these. call our ministry and get those. we just ordered these here recently, there’slots more in our college class 103. evil men have already divided up the worldinto regions. and they got it all planned: they want to rule the world.

their goal is: reduce the population to ahalf billion with a few of them as the elite which get to rule the world. there is a committee of three hundred thatbasically pull the strings. we can spend all day talking about that, butwe don’t have time tonight. they got their plans to rule the world, you know like pinkyand the brain: “what are we going to do today? we are going to take over the world! that’swhat we always do you know!” god is in heaven laughing about it. if you want to study someof the conspiracies, if you are into that kind of stuff, there are numerous conspiracies!get “the medusa file” or the “new american magazine: conspiracy” to see what is reallyhappening. we can spend a long time talking

about that. there is a committee of 300 whoare really controlling and ‘pulling the strings.’ the illuminati: the top 13 illuminati bloodlines,the super rich, billionaires who want to rule the world. that will be for the ones who wantthe “red pill” only; for those interested in the matrix movies. what they do is theydevelop a crisis intentionally so that they can bring in their solution to the crisis.many events like the civil war, world war 1, the 1929 depression, they are intentionallycaused to make people come in and cooperate, whatever the reason may be. the 1929 depression was to make everybodybe given a social security number, that was the purpose of that! the cuban missile crisiswas intentionally done. the oklahoma city

bombing was intentionally allowed to stopthe militia movement going on here in america. call ben partin, the air force explosives expert,he says that no truck bomb blew up that building! the pillars were sheared off, that was c4explosives wrapped around the pillars. many folks are convinced that the government wasinvolved in taking down the building over at oklahoma city and the same thing with thetwin tower bombings. get to the website:, has anyone seen the movie: “in plain sight,”has anybody seen that? david rockefeller said, “we’re on the vergeof a global transformation. all we need is the right major crisis.” and the nations will accept the new worldorder. see, god has plans for the world, and

so does satan. satan’s plan is, no people here or maybe justa few, and a one world government. the bible says, “perilous times shall come.”if people are despisers of those that are good, christian’s will be absolutely hated. youcan already see the animosity against christians on tv. if there’s a bad guy in the movie, and he’san ax wielding person beating everybody up, it’s always somebody quoting bible verses.“vengeance is mine sayeth the lord,” while he’s out there killing people.

they make the christians and preachers lookawful on tv. one of the groups to really watch in this plan of the new world order is fema.they have taken over my city since the hurricanes. there is just no question, they are in charge,alright just keep an eye on that group! george bush told the iraqi soldiers that they shoulddisobey if they are given orders to use poison gas or blow up oil wells. he said that afterthe war their would be judged. okay, american soldiers you took a vow to defend the constitution,against enemies foreign and domestic. if you get an order that goes against the constitution,you better disobey that order! you would say, “i will get court martialed,” yes probablyso. you do what is right okay! who is doing this? what is going on? and what do we doabout it?

there are all kinds of people involved inthis plan towards a new world order, the united nations, the counsel of churches - if yougo to a church that is a member of that get out! the council on foreign relations (cfr),the trilateral commission, the bilderbergers, the imf (international monetary fund), theinternational bankers, the club of rome, communists, socialists, national education association(nea) - get out of that bunch if you are in it! now, aclu, the masonic lodge - most peoplein the masonic lodge don’t realize what they are in. they think they are in a do-gooders(good intentions) club and it won’t be until it is too late, when they realize, “wow, thisis a satanic organization!” general albert pike, 33rd degree mason, leader of all themasons years ago said, “that which we must

say to the crowd is: we worship a god, butit is the god that one adores without superstition. to you sovereign grand inspectors general,we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees.the masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintainedin the purity of the luciferian doctrine... yes lucifer is god...” “when the mason learnsthat te key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of livingpower, he has learned the mystery of his craft. the seething energies of lucifer are in hishands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly handleenergy.” a good book on the masonic lodge, this one you can get from or getit from our ministry, if you call there we

will get you some. excellent book on masonsand what they really are for. what should we do? real simple, exactly what jesus told us todo. he said, “go ye therefore, teach all nations, baptizing them.” you know, get people saved and teach themto go do the same. you realize jesus grew up in the middle ofthe roman empire? his country had been taken over. he didn’t spend one minute trying to changethe roman empire. he went after people; win souls.

hosea said, “my people are destroyed for alack of knowledge.” what do we do? there are perilous times coming to this countryand to the world - real serious times. i think, probably, real soon. i’ll be reallyshocked if we make it five more years. i’m going to be surprised. what do we do? well what we need is some menand women who have the understanding to know what to do. what should we do? the bible says, “for thetransgression of the land, many are the princes thereof, but by a man of understanding and knowledgethe state thereof shall be prolonged.” i’ve

got four grand-kids. i want to prolong the state, i want them tohave some freedom and peace to grow up in, like i had. what do i do? deuteronomy says, “take ye wise men in understanding.”we need some people with understanding. solomon prayed and said, “give therefore thyservant an understanding heart to judge thy that i may discern between good and bad.”do you want understanding? the bible says that abigail was a woman ofgood understanding. and she was beautiful, that don’t hurt you know, throw that thereto. they sent him men of understanding. ezra chapter8,

“by the good hand of our god upon us theybrought us a man of understanding. the children of issachar, which were men whohad understanding of the times, to know what israel aught to do.” i wish we had some politicians that had understandingof the times to know what america ought to do. i don’t think we have too many. most of thepoliticians put their finger in the wind. “which are you blowing? which way is the wind blowing? i’ll lead.”we need some statesmen, not politicians. do you know what politics is? “poly” meansmany and a “tick” a blood sucking animal.

i think its time to get motivated folks. idon’t know what you’re doing, but it’s time to get really moving. we are rapidly running out of time. what dowe do? number one, you need to realize that god is in control. don’t get nervous, get busy, but don’t getnervous. for he’s the potter, we’re the clay. do what he says, simple. we should be as wiseas serpents and harmless as doves. be careful for nothing, full of care. don’tget nervous, just get busy. we should pray for those in authority. if you were praying for your senators, youwould know their names, wouldn’t you?

we’re god’s children. it’s our job to obeyhim. preach the gospel. we’re suppose to be the salt of the earth.salt does a lot of interesting things. salt preserves; you should be a preservingforce in your community. salt irritates. if nobody is irritated with you, you are nota good christian. you say, “brother hovind, did you know there’sa thousand anti-hovind websites?” i know, isn’t it great? [audience laughs]we’re going for two thousand this year. you ought to be irritating somebody, or youaren’t doing it right. you should use your influence on other people. our local director of science curriculum,i called down there years ago when i was trying

to change their curriculum in escambia county. she wasa raving evolutionist. she said, “mr. hovind, you are the only personwho calls in here and complains about the evolution in the textbooks.” i thought,“where’s everybody else?” there’s a hundred and twenty eight baptistchurches in escambia county, florida. what are they doing? we’re suppose to use our influence, men. youhear, “christians shouldn’t get into politics.” tell that to king david or king solomon. youshould teach the truth about creation. one of the greatest ministries available todayi think is a creation ministry. find something

to do. people will sit and listen to a tape aboutdinosaurs or creation who will never come to church for any other reason. won’t theybrother? aren’t you into it (creation ministry) now? awesome! there are two great sermons in the books ofacts. in acts chapter two, peter preached on the day of pentecost, and he quoted scripture after scripture afterscripture. he’s talking to jews. that’s the way you talk to them. they want to be reasoned with from the scriptures.acts 17 they go to mars hill.

he’s talking to a bunch of heathen that don’tknow anything about scripture and don’t care. paul didn’t quote one scripture in that wholesermon, acts 17. he said, “i want to talk to you about theunknown god, the creator of the universe, the god that made the heavens.” he used creation to win them. number nine,don’t get distracted. it’s to easy in this world, especially in america, to get distracted. how many have ever seenthese little mobiles you put over the crib? you wind it up and the kid lays there’s so easy to get distracted. did you know that the average american watched1,500 hours of tv a year?

that’s enough time to read your bible 22 times.i don’t think you have to read you bible all the time, but you ought to read it some. speaking ofwatching tv, solomon said, “i will set no wicked thing before my eyes.” do you put wicked things before your eyes? what if you made a rule around your housethat if you heard a cuss (filth) word on tv you were going toshut if off for two hours? what if you made a rule that said if you seesomebody that’s not modestly dressed, you were going to shut it off for two hours.

if you see somebody drinking alcohol you goingto shut if off for two hours. how much would you watch? we can all cancelthat cable and we can support 45 more missionaries just out of this room. couldn’t we? the biblesays, “for the transgression of the land, many are the princes thereof.” do you know why we have so many bureaucrats,so many rules and regulations? we’re wicked. this is god’s judgment. all of this heavyhanded government is god’s judgment on our country. we deserve it. righteousness exalts a nation,but sin is a reproach to any people. here’s the solution. you want to help saveamerica? it’s real simple. here’s the solution.

“if my people, which are called by my name,shall vote republican, join the militia, and store up survival foods.” [laughs] no quite what it says. “if my people, whichare called by my name, shall humble themselves.” hey dads, when was the last time your kidssaw you humble yourselves. when was the last time your kids saw you cometo the altar and pray for somebody. when was the last time your kids saw you prayfor anything. when was the last time your kids saw you say,“i’m sorry, i was wrong.” moms, when was the last time you humbled, when was the last time you humbled yourselves? when’s the last time you told your brother,“look brother, i’m sorry, i was wrong. forgive

me.” when was the last time? humble themselves,and pray, and seek my face, and turn off their wicked tvs. no, “...turn from their wickedways. then will i hear from heaven, forgive theirsin, and heal their land.” you want god to straighten out this mess? he’ll do it; he’s waiting on us. we do ourpart, he’ll do his part. i like this story. when david came to deliverthe cheese and the raisins and stuff to the army. eliab, david’s older brother, said, “whatare you doing here? why’d you come down here?

go back and feed the sheep!” and david said, “is there not a cause? brother,that big old philistine is out there cursing your god. what are you doing back here? go take hishead off. is there not a cause?” little david had come from taking care ofthe sheep, sees the big old giant and says, “somebody ought to shut him up! he’s out therecursing the god of israel.” eliab his big brother is yelling at him, “shutup brother, go back home, take care of the sheep. we’re the soldiers.” is there not a cause? what is your cause?what do you live for?

there are thousands hacking at the branchesof evil, to only one who is striking at the root. what’s your cause? is this it: a ball? you just can’t wait toget home and watch the game. got to watch that three hundred pound gorillacarry the football down the cow pasture, run through the plumbing, get six! and the angels rejoiced! [audience laughs] “he that loveth silver shall not be satisfiedwith silver.” strange. the guy who’s third in the nation racing motorcyclesgot saved in my seminar up in connecticut. about a year later i was preaching up thereand he said, “hey brother hovind, let me take you to breakfasttomorrow. i want to tell you what’s been happening

in my life. the lord has really changed me in the lastyear.” i said, “that’s great brother, let’s go.” he said, “i’ll let you test drive one of mybikes.” i said, “ok.” he took me to breakfast, afterwards he backedout of his trailer his honda 900 that had been blueprinted and stroked and bored and balancedand i’m not sure what all they did to it. i have a honda 250. he said, “try it.” i goton there and took off. i about broke my neck in first gear.

i hit second gear. i was just about to dropit down to third when i glanced down and realized that i was going 90 mile per hourin second gear. it has six gears! i wound it down and brought it back. i was shaking like a leaf. i said, “how fastdoes it go?” he said, “i don’t know.” [audience laughs] guess what he wants? he wants a faster bike. people that love speedshall not be satisfied with speed. people that have 80 pairs of shoes, do youknow what they want? more shoes. people that have a big house, guess what theywant: a bigger house. people that have lots of money, guess whatthey want: more money.

why does it take us a whole lifetime to figureout that the things on this earth do not satisfy? they won’t; they will never satisfy. theyjust won’t do it. did you know that if you spend $500 you canbuy a nice set of golf clubs. if you’re willing to practice for thousandsand thousands of hours, and you have to get the grip just right. this thumb and finger make a “v.” point thattoward the left should. this thumb and finger toward this shoulder. fingers laced or not laced, either one willwork. knees slightly bent, shoulders curled, club faced perpendicular to the ball. bendthe right elbow first,

the left elbow shortly thereafter, at about15 degrees left elbow bent.) if you are willing to practice for thousandsof hours, and really dedicate yourself, someday you will be able to knock a ball intoa hole in the dirt. [audience laughs] and the angels rejoiced! i heard a story about the preacher who calledhis assistant. “i need you to preach for me this morning.i’m not feeling very well.” the preacher went golfing. you heard thatstory brother? the devil is up there talking to the lord. the devil said, “hey lord, see your preacherout there. he’s golfing on sunday morning.”

the lord said, “yep, i see it.” the devil said, “what are you going to doabout it?” the lord said, “i’ll take care of it.” the preacher tees off and gets a hole in one.the devil said, “lord, what are you doing? i thought you were going to fix it?” the lordsaid, “i did; who’s he going to tell?” [audience i think we ought to quit worrying about thethings of this world. they’re all going to burn. it’s all going to burn. “if you’re risen with christ, seek those thingswhich are above. set your affection on things above. love notthe world, neither the things that are in

if any man loves the world, the love of thefather is not in him. all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life, it’snot of the father, it’s of the world. the world passeth away.” it’s all going to be gone. it’s all goingto burn. do you know how much howard hughes left behind when he died? all of it, every penny! you’re going to dothe very same thing! don’t invest your life in things that aregoing to burn. the last thing we need to do, almost lastthing, listen for the trumpet. 1 thessalonians

4, “the lord himself shall descend from heavenwith a shout. the voice of the archangel and the trump ofgod, and the dead in christ rise first.” southern baptist go first, but we’re goingnext. “and we which are alive and remain shall be caught together to meet the lord in the air.” it’s going tobe great. meet him in the clouds. number 11, win souls. find somebody you can win to christ. jesuswas born, did his whole ministry under roman control.

paul got taken to prison under roman control.what did he do? he won prisoners to the lord, won the jailerto the lord; he won souls. “he that wins souls is wise.” the most important thing i think a christiancan do is right there. win souls. during the civil war, a big old country boysigned up to fight the yanks. “they come down here invading our country,i’m going to go fight them yanks.” he got his training, got his boot camp done,got his backpack and his rifle, and he was sent off to battle. he showed up and said, “reporting for dutysir? where’s the yanks?”

the sergeant said, “son, the yanks are rightover there. they are dug in a trench, and we’re dug into a trench here. nobody is moving. we’re waiting for orders.your job son is to march in the trench right he said, “sergeant, i didn’t come to marchin no trench, i come to fight the yanks, and they are right over there. can i go fight them please?” he said, “noson, that’s not the way it works. you march in the trench, and when we get orders,then we attack.” he’s marching back and forth and getting madderby the minute. he said, “i didn’t come here to march in the mud.

i came to fight the yanks, and they’re rightover there. how come i can’t go fight them?” finally he just couldn’t take it anymore.totally went berserk, he dropped everything, jumped out of the trench, and went screaming and yelling across no-man’sland, straight for the yankee’s trench - a one man rebel charge. the yanks were stunned. “who is this guy?”nobody thought to shoot. he ran all the way across no-mans land, jumpedinto the yankee trench, and picked up the first yankee he saw, and knocked him out in one punch. he was acountry boy. he had been hauling hay. he’s

hefty-duty. he picked up his prisoner and ran back forthe rebel trench. now nobody dared shoot. he got back into the rebel trench and allthe rebels gathered around and said, “what is that?” he said, “that’s a yankee.” they said, “wellwere did you get him?” he said, “i got him over yonder. there’s awhole bunch more over there.” he said, “you all could have had one if youhad wanted one.” you all could have had one if you had wanted one. you know, i think we’re going to get to heavenand some people are going to

have a whole crowd around them of people thatthey influenced for the lord. they brought them to christ, they trainedthem, they got them going. some of you, you’re going to be there. you’re going to heaven, but there’s not goingto be anybody with you. none, zero. you’re going to walk up to somebody with abig crowd and say, “where did you get all of these?” “oh, i got them down yonder on the all could have had one if you had wanted one.” you just don’t want one bad enough do you?you’re really more interested in the weather

channel than a neighbor going to heaven. “well i got tosee if it’s going to rain.” and what are you going to do about it if it is? you aren’t going to effect it any. what onearth are you doing for heaven’s sake? last thing i recommend you do is read thelast chapter, folks. keep in mind - we win! it’s going to get real bad. people say, “brotherhovind, do you think that the lord is coming before the great tribulation?” i hope so. i don’tknow. i couldn’t prove it from scripture. there are at least five different theoriesabout what happens in the end times: post-trib,

mid-trib, pre-trib, all of that stuff. i’ve studied it as carefullyas i know how, and i can’t figure out. i’m sure hoping for pre-trib rapture. so werethe chinese christians for the last sixty years. so have the russian christians. so have theethiopian christians and the african christians over the last fifteen years. they’ve beenkilled by the tens of thousands. i don’t know. i hope we get out of here first, but i don’tthink i can prove that from scripture. either way, do what god told us to do: winsouls. jesus is coming one of these days. he is going to set up his new world order.satan has plans for a one world government,

and it’s going to last about seven years accordingto revelation and daniel. he’s going to have one. then the lord is going to come and wipe itout and saying, “now i’m going to show you what the real kingdom looks like. and all of you that have been faithful, here,you can have this city and you can have the whole county. here, you canhave the whole state. you’ve been faithful son; i’m going to giveyou the whole country. you’re the boss.” are you going to be there? one of these daysthe lord is going to bruise satan under your

feet. the grace of our lord jesus christ be withyou, amen. god wins in the end. “i saw the angel come down from heaven havingthe key to the bottomless pit and the great chain in his hand. he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpentwhich is called the devil and satan, and bound him a thousand years. cast him into the bottomless pit and shuthim up. and set a seal upon him that he should deceivethe nations no more, till the thousand years were finished.

and i saw thrones and they that sat upon them,and judgment was given unto them. and i saw the souls of them that were beheadedfor the witness of jesus.” is that how it’s going to end for christians?maybe so. “they had not worshiped the beast, neither his image, neither received his mark upon their foreheadsor in their hands. and they lived and reigned with christ a thousandyears. the devil that had deceived them was castinto the lake of fire.” i can’t wait for that day. the spirit and the bride say come. let himthat heareth say come. let him that is athirst

come. come. if you’re not a christian - come. letsomebody show you how to become one. if you’re one of god’s children and you wantto find something to do - come. ask him, “lord, what do you want? what cani do?” he’ll find something for you to do. “he which testifieth these things sayeth,‘surely i come quickly, amen.’ even so come, lord jesus.” if we can help, that’s what our ministry isfor. we want to bring people to christ - win souls.nothing else is going to matter. in a thousand years, nothing else is goingto matter. what are you doing for the lord

with your life? we hope that you have enjoyed this video serieson: creation, evolution, and dinosaurs. much more important though than knowing allthe truth and facts about science is to know the truth about whether you’re going to heaven or not. ifyou’ve never trusted christ as your savior, let me explain quickly what you need to doto go to heaven. the bible says that we are all sinners. we’ve all broken god’s laws; we’ve disobeyedthe creator; and we’ve done wicked things. we’re sinners.

some are worse than others, at least in man’seyes, but we’ve all broken god’s laws. and the bible says that you have to repent.the word “repent” means to turn. it actually means two things: to turn fromyour sin and to turn to god. god is looking for a change in your attitudewhere you said, “lord, i don’t want to do wrong anymore; i’m sorry i’ve offended you. i want to do right.” andyou turn from sin and you turn to god, and you say, “god, will you please forgive me? would yousave me?” the bible says in romans (3:23) chapter three,verse twenty three, that,

“all have sinned and come short of the gloryof god.” you need to admit you’re a sinner. number two, the bible says in romans 6:23,“the wages of sin is death.” we deserve to die and go to hell because ofour sin. but, jesus died for you. he loves you. he wants you to come to heaven. and anybody that will ask him for free salvation,god will give you the gift eternal life. it says in romans 6:23, that it’s a free gift.and it says in romans 10:13, “whosoever shall call upon the name of thelord shall be saved.” if you would just call and say, “lord, i’ma sinner, would you please forgive me?” ask him; he’ll give you that free gift ofeternal life. why don’t you just pray with

me right now, and you could receive christ as your savior.there are no magic words; god is looking at your heart. but if you could say this and mean it, godwould forgive you. just say, “dear lord jesus, i know that i’ma sinner. i’ve broken your laws. i’m sorry, please forgive me. please applyyour blood to my account. forgive my sins and take me to heaven. injesus’ name, amen.” the bible says, “if you call upon the lordyou shall be saved.” so if you’ve asked the lord to save you, he’spromised he’d save you.

now your job is to grow: read your bible,pray, get involved in a good bible believing church and begin to growto be a good christian. thank you so much. call or write if we canbe any help at all. we’d love to help. for more information on the materials offeredby creation science evangelism, call us at:

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(850) 479-dino, that’s (850) 479-3466. or visit us online at, that’s end

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